The Philatelic Meanderings of Gordon Smith

Welcome to my website that provides information related to my philatelic interests.  I enjoy doing research on items that have moved through the system legally, but do not have postage stamps on them.  I particularly enjoy creating systems to organize and describe the variations of the marks that enable this to happen. 

I lived in Botswana from 1994 to 2002, hence my interest in the postal history of that country. 

I am the first generation of my family not born on a little island off the coast of Cape Breton in Nova Scotia Canada since 1783, which explains my interest in the postal history of Port Hood Island and the town of Port Hood.

I have created a several philatelic exhibits and written a number of articles to share my interests, the results of my research, and the pleasure I have pursuing the differing aspects of my hobby.  This web site is another way to share this interest. 

I hope you enjoy visiting my site and find my research helpful. I am always interested in receiving information and in corresponding with people who share an interest in these types of marks or who have any questions or comments.

Please see this nice shout out my web site received from the Internet Philatelic Dealers Association in February 2021. Their web site can be found at ipdastamps.com.

This website also received a Large Silver medal at Capex 2022 in Toronto, Canada and a Vermeil medal at the Cape Town 2022 International Stamp Exhibition.

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