Botswana Meter Marks Typology

The typology is a Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) file based on an examination of over 1,200 meter marks.

The typology is based on the design of the meter prints, as the simplest means of classification. Using the type of machine as a basis of differentiation was attempted and abandoned due to difficulties in identifying which machines made which marks and the realization that multiple makes of machines made the same mark. It was not possible to adopt the popular practice of identifying meter mark types by meter licence prefixes, which in other countries often denote the manufacturer of the machine. In Botswana, after limited early attempts to assign prefixes based on machine types, all meter licences are prefixed with an ‘R’ giving no indication of the manufacturer or the machine type.

The typology classifies the marks into groups, which are then divided into types. Types are further sub-divided into varieties. The classification of types is further described in the introduction.