Botswana Meter Marks Terminology

Parts of a Meter Mark

Parts of a Meter Mark
Meter MachineThe mailing machine to which a meter die is attached.
MeterThe device which gives the meter impression
Adhesive TapeStrip of gummed paper on which the meter mark is printed
TownmarkThe issuing place within a circle, usually a name of the community, and in its’ centre the date mark.
Date MarkThe date of use of the meter mark, usually found within the centre of the townmark.
IndiciaAlso called the rate frame or frank. By comparison, it represents the stamp.
SettingThe space between the townmark and the indicia.
ValueThe amount of postage prepaid as shown in the indicia.
Single Value (SV)A meter machine built to imprint one denomination.
Multi-Value (MV)A meter machine built to imprint, usually by operation of a dial or lever, one of a limited number of different denominations.
Omni-Value (OV)A meter machine built to imprint, usually by operation of a keypad, any choice of denominations to a maximum value.
SloganSometimes called a ‘Post Mark Ad’. An advertisement of the user’s product, firm’s name, commemoration of an event, or other saying.
Licence NumberNumber assigned to holder for postage meter use.
PrefixLetter assigned as part of the meter number. In countries other than Botswana, the prefix usually indicates the meter machine make and or model. In Botswana, after an early attempt to assign prefixes, postal authorities seem to have settled on the universal prefix ‘R’ for all meters fielded in the country.
InscriptionThe lettering in the indicia and between the circles of the townmark.


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