List of Botswana Meter Mark Licences Issued

The List of Licences is a Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) file listing all meter licences issued in Botswana of which I am aware.If you you not have the Adobe Reader, you can use the link below to download it.

The list has been developed through a review of files covering the period from July 1994 to April 2004 held at the Botswana Post Office Headquarters in Gaborone as well as a review of literature and correspondence with other collectors.

The prefix is the letter listed within the meter mark. Initially a variety of letters were used, but within a few years only the prefix ‘R’ was issued on new licences.

The ‘Licence Number’ is the number assigned by the Post Office. Where numbers are repeated the initial licence has expired and a new licence has been issued to another licencee. For ease of reference, the list is sorted by licence number.

‘Licencee’ is the holder of the licence and ‘Community” is the city, town or village in which the machine is located. Where a licencee such as a bank has more than one machine placed at different locations within a city or town, additional information such s the branch name is given.

‘Date Issued’ is the date on which the Post Office issued the licence to the Licencee. Blanks indicate that I have no information on the issue date. I am developing a list of earliest known dates for those marks for which I have no issue date. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

‘Issue Status’ describes if the licence is still in use, has expired, or never used. If the ‘Issue Status’ is listed as ‘ever used?’, I believe that the mark might not have been used. I am not aware of any covers bearing the mark, and I have come across correspondence or other information that may indicate that the Licencee never activated the Licence. Again, any information that would assist in confirming if certain companies ever used their licence would be greatly appreciated.

‘Type’ is based on the typology of Botswana Meter Marks as described on the Botswana Meter Mark Typology page of this web site. Sometimes the same Licencee had multiple machines as shown on the licence list.

‘Earliest and Latest Reported Dates’ are a listing of these dates for each type of mark for each Licencee. The dates based on a review of all marks of which I am aware, over 1,100 in my and other people’s collections. I am very interested in receiving additional information from any holders of marks. Please send copies of marks to the addresses provided on my contact page.

The marks highlighted in yellow are active.

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