Botswana Meter Marks Exhibit

This is the latest version of my exhibit on developing a typology of Botswana Meter Marks.

The original version of this exhibit won:

  • Vermiel at Novapax 2006 in Halifax, NS, Canada,
  • Silver and the APS Research Award at Orapex in Ottawa, Canada in 2007, and
  • Silver and the American Philatelic Society Award of Excellence for post-1980 Material at the Postage Stamp Mega-Event in New York NY in 2007.

Following the alteration of the presentation to emphasize the philatelic material rather than the tables and the addition of significant material representing the various types that have appeared since the introduction of the new meter machines circa 2003, the exhibit won a Silver Medal and the Women Exhibitors Sterling Achievement Award at the Rocky Mountain Stamp Show in 2015. 

The exhibit was updated to show information on the owners of the meter machines used on the covers and won a Vermiel at Milcopex in 2019.

The current exhibit shown here was expanded to 5 frames for international exhibiting and won a Silver Bronze medal at the Cape Town 2022 International Stamp Exhibition.