Rev. Nathaniel Cole Covers

As a collector of the postal history of Port Hood and Port Hood Island in Nova Scotia, I have come across a number of covers from these communities that have a similar look and feel. In looking at these covers, I have determined that they all seem to have a connections to the Rev. Nathaniel Cole, who was the United Church minister in Port Hood, Nova Scotia from 1940 until 1944.

Based on the number of fancy covers that I have seen that I feel are attributable to the Reverend Cole, I feel that he must have been a bit of a philatelist and indeed, I have come across a cover addressed to Cole Stamps and Covers, that was redirected to Port Hood.

I researched information on Rev. Cole and the article “The Philatelic Creations of Rev. Nathaniel Cole” presented in the March 2021 issue of the Nova Scotia Post discusses some of my initial findings.  This article was headlined in the “Philatelic Journals” column in the July 6, 2021, issue of the Canadian Stamp News.

I also published a slightly more extensive article showing some additional covers related to Rev. Cole in another article also called “The Philatelic Creations of Rev. Nathaniel Cole” in the March/April 2021 issue of the Canadian Philatelist.

A more general biographical sketch of the Rev. Cole and his family was published in the 2021 Spring and Summer issue of the Chestico News, the newsletter of the Chestico Museum & Historical Society.  Also acknowledged on the last page of that article (see paragraph outlined in red) are the efforts of the author to have a new pictorial postmark created for Port Hood.

Additional information on Rev. Cole or covers that may have been created by him would be most welcome.  Please reach out to me through my contact page.